13 November 2010


i'm out.

there's supposed to be freedom
but reality is always never the way its supposed to be

when i have to censor what i say on this because of some people,
there's really not much point in writing.

i'll find some other way.


01 November 2010

a way out

trying to find a way out.

somehow everybody's got a way out. transfering to another uni, or just taking the associate degree and just RUNNING.

i want to do that to.

29 October 2010

maybe tomorrow, i'll have courage

school is busy.
i somewhat have a life.

i hope i can find something

12 October 2010


kristy was telling me on sunday that there was a video of 2 ACJC girls going at it in the school toilet. apparently her boyfriend was trying to locate the video.

I wondered how long it would take straits times to publish the story... i just read it and its currently the most popular article on the straits times website.

The media doesn't really give schools like the ACS family or MGS and other 'elite' schools a break. seriously, if this was from Millenia Institute or some other lower ranking JC, i highly doubt the story would be published. And then there's the 'inappropriate behaviour' complaint from a teacher in ACS article. Really Straits Times? its newsworthy?

I recently went for a job interview with a hospitality company in Singapore. Never mind my almost finishing a degree in hospitality[1 year left!!!!], never mind my trinity cert. One of the first things the interviewer asked was 'you're an MG girl ah?'

[face palm]. really?

And when going for our O level oral exam, teachers warned us that examiners' expectations would be higher because of the school's repuation.

Maybe its somewhat a compliment. that people expect more out of you purely because of the school that you come from. but its also a form of judgement. thank goodness in Australia, i've managed to escape that somewhat. but then i have to face another form of judgement altogether: being Asian.

I guess you can't escape being labelled and people treating you differently purely because of your heritage, your culture, your skin colour or your country of origin. but you can certaintly try to prove people wrong (in a good way) and surprise people.

Ah well. back to doing my business plan and doing bLaw.

2 more months till christmas!
3 more months to CNY'11.
i cannot wait >< !!!

04 October 2010

time turner

"i like her because she sings to me. but mostly because i sing to her."

Oh, if my voice could reach
Back through the past
I'd whisper in your ear
Oh darling, I wish you were here

Vanilla Twilight
-Owl City

I saw this on ebay, i think it would make a damn nice necklace, albiet a REALLY expensive one. I mean, really, how many people can say they own a TIME TURNER? yeah, from harry potter. WOOHOO.

So i traced it down to the original wesite that sells it( The Noble Collection):
This is the $49 version:


this is the $125 version(s): [Gold and Sterling silver]


being a student of very little money, i hunted down and bought this $15 version:


LIFE SUCKS. but i’m still happy-ish. at least i have something to put on my christmas list. 2 and a bit more months till christmas!!! XD

01 October 2010


there are certain people on this planet worth knowing

and considering them as friends.

they don't have to know you inside out
to provide you with strength

neither do they have to have similar interests
to offer their opinion

but just knowing that they care for you as you do for them

can be just enough to sustain you when you really need it.

29 September 2010

cold turkey

i'm shivering
craving for it
it fucking hurts.

i'm nearly at the point where i'll do anything to get it.

nobody told me quitting would be this hard

26 September 2010

what do I do now?

life question i've only been able to answer recently:
what to do with a breakup?

for centuries, (at the risk of sounding cheesy) a broken heart has inspired many achievements, works and wonders. there's the taj mahal, built in memory of an emperor's wife. there's the hundreds of girls and guys dieting and working out to prove that they're doing better than ever before. there's some of the best music albums produced after a breakup or a divorce. i'm sure there's lots more examples, books, paintings, etc.

so, what do I do now?

logically speaking, as a writer, this should be one of the best times to write. All the emotions waiting to overflow onto paper and into words. but if i were to write something now, it will probably sound like a mixture of pop song choruses. so i refrain.

i know of a musician who purposely makes herself miserable in order to compose something beautiful. the irony. it is so much more interesting when a work is twistingly tormented rather than sunshine and rainbows.

to be honest though, all i feel like doing is curling up in bed and sleeping. in my sleep, i do not feel pain, i don't have to remember that i cannot have the person i want. in my sleep, it is mostly dreamless. but then there's that moment before i wake up, that few seconds that reality seeps into your brain.

then everything returns.

so then I get up and think
what do I do now?

22 September 2010

back. again.

back from my september hols trip!
3rd day of uni today and i've already got a serious list of stuff to do. not fun.

the trip was ok. it was nice sightseeing but it really drained me to race across the bloody country.

will post the photos and post when i have free time (not any time soon)

30 August 2010

yay yay yay



in SG now, with highlighted hair(thank you mummy!) and a full tummy. :D

exams are over, and i went to melbourne to visit the elginians+frequent visitors. thank you guys so much for the food and esp to melody for letting me stay at verve! <3 you're a really good hostess & cook!

got alot of things to do in sg but i'm happy doing them

will most likely post a few photos after i come back from rome & london. :D