06 June 2009

missing ah

amanda yee[ahma] video called me.
made me realise how much i missed her.
even though she drives me nuts

and all the albert house people.
like that SORHAI wai hoe of an ah kong
even though he annoys me to hell. really. like THROTTLES NECK
and jianfei and his chuck norris jokes and how he annoys me when i ask why is __ so late? and then he'll go BECAUSE NOT EARLY. ARGH
and grace who always tries to get me and bill to do something and she'll go WHOOOO. and you feel like killing her
or like kristy who is like damn perverted and you don't know whether to laugh, cry or stop listening to her

but i still miss everyone, even though they're idiots. and as cherm once said 'if you call the person idiot means love. heehee' and i think this picture best depicts it:

but every single memory i have of them, with them, i treasure...

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