07 August 2009


so many things on my mind right now:

celebrity chef

i volunteered for this fuction where this famous chef is going to come to cook! its quite cool and i thought i would want to help out cause you get your picture taken with the chef!! anyway... its tonight and i'm quite excited... :) need to iron yet another shirt. i have this huge pile of washed unironed shirts and everytime i need a new shirt, people can see me sprinting to the ironing boards in a tshirt and fbts with a shirt in hand....

c├ęsar ritz

an exchange program for one term in switzerland. i so want to escape manly so i'm quite set on doing that... BUT the same term in icms is the coolest term ever. you get to organise your own event. HOW COOL IS THAT?! sigh... have to choose... the celebrity chef above is an example of the student's event.

what to do with birthday money

me mum decided to give me money this year for my birthday. i have no idea what to do with it cause:
dress: i'll wear it a few times only
skinny jeans: must be perfect fit and i'm too lazy to hunt
shoes: i'm moving around quite abit so... not good to pack.
books: ditto

sofitel interview

sofitel in melbourne's supposed to give me a call for an interview cause icms sent my resume to them last wednesday... SIGHSIGHSIGH. i'm getting worried cause they haven't called me. and i've checked my voicemail like 183649 times.

my ever so messy room

the cluttering of my room reflects the state of my mind in turmoil.
nah, i'm just too lazy to clear it.


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