19 May 2010

its not so fun being sick

AH. winter

most people will recognise it by the crisp cold air brought by the winds, some will realise by the last of the leaves falling from the bare branches.

not me. for me, winter starts with a sore throat

not a major one, just a mild one that reminds you to eat a few more fruits and gives you an excuse to buy those delightful tasting honey and lemon strepsils. then it all snowballs. feeling lousy all over, cough, phlegm, ‘a weally stuffy dose’ and then coughing your guts out(quite literally). every year, i seriously consider buying a humidifier just so that i can breathe.

in 07 during a trip to the US, i had to be dosed on nasty chinese medicine, courtesy of my mum. i survived on soup, hot water and that. recovery time: 1 week

in 08, the night before my pyschology exam, kaii and cherm found me in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet bowl, pysch notes on my lap, with hot water running and fogging up the bathroom. i took redoxon (that orange fizzy tablet) with every mouthful.recovery time: 1 1/2 weeks

in 09, i was continuously sniffing a ceramic cup filled with hot water, even in lectures. took as many baths as i could. still stuck to normal icms food. recovery time: 2 weeks

my battle plan this year?

strepsils, chinese medicine, HOT liquid diet and as much sleep as i can get. let’s see if it works on my i-really-COUGH-want-to-COUGH-die

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PigM said...

GET WELL SOON MEL 1!! Mel 2 can't function without you!! haha! see u this weekend!! with love, from 483 swanston st to 270 elgin st!! LOL! <3