02 July 2008

grace and kaya toast

saw grace today. GRACE AIK! you're still as much of a bimbo and of a bitch as ever. except maybe you're a tad more vulgar but oh well. haha, love you the way you are! and yes, life updates will be sent. yes? haha. we're both stuck in similar situations...

i also met up with cherm and kaii. kaii looked so nice in her heels and dress! cherm looked like she was going to the beach. haha. had ya kun kaya toast yay. :)

i saw ms chew[my ballet teacher] and a family friend today at raffles city. ms chew still looks SO young and her figure is to die for considering she's given birth to a son and she's not young. i hope that when i grow older, i will have half as nice a body as her's.

and so it begins... i don't know how to deal with it. i'm just going to let things be. Give me the strength and the wisdom to do the right thing. Let me have the discernment to be sensible and not to repeat my mistake. God, help me.

1 comment:

gracee said...

hello you are as vulgar too and omg, I AM NOT A BITCH ): ):
i'm a very nice person okayy?
hah. pictures pictures! much lovee