30 June 2008



guess what the first food i ate was?

fried egg with oysters. :D


haha. its one of my favourite foods and i really really missed it in melbourne.

i'm going to be so busy for the next 2 weeks. or rather the next 10 days.
i want to meet so many of my friends cause i won't be able to see them for the next 6 months.

there have been changes since i last came. my home now has a wii [total unfairness. i never even had a gameboy, let alone a playstation]. the restaurant nearby [near lana's] is being converted into something else. singapore's food prices have risen up like wow. i mean the otak i bought was $1 from the hawker centre. usually its $0.80?

its so quiet! i'm used to the opening and closing of doors, the screaming, the sound of the footsteps, but most importantly, the laughing. when jiayang, kaii and i were saying bye to the people flying on the 29th by MAS at the gate, i felt kind of sad, even though i was happy i was going home. On the night of 28th when quite a few people had already left, i thought i would enjoy the lack of noise at 2 am when i was trying to sleep but all i heard when i went to bed was white noise. white noise so loud i started to tap my ear to make it go away. but it wouldn't.


Amanda said...

you should really keep up with current affairs. like an alien here...everyone's been talking about the food prices

couchpotato said...

yo mel- haha i ate fried eggs and oyster first thing when i came back too! LOL...

Anonymous said...

tagboard please, it's do much easier, really!