05 June 2008

econs and the beauty of different languages

My original econs lecturer is back.

the tut went something like this:

Because in perfect competition, the firm has no choice but to take the price of the goods currently in the market because the output of an individual firm is so small, it cannot possibly affect the price. now, so, that's why perfect competition is called pricetaker. now, MARK! eric tells me he knows you! he's moving to arrow on swanston next year is he not?

the class: *stuned-ness*

he randomly talked to the guys in the middle of the lesson. and tried to guess which country we were from. he guessed malaysia for me. just because i'm sitting next to kendrick, doesn't mean that we're country buddies right? he made a joke out of it though. because i'm singaporean, and kendrick's malaysian, that means we have to be nearby each other.

oh well, what can i say?

if you're living in a hostel with 50 malaysians and 5 honkies, you tend to pick up a few phrases of cantonese and malay. and if you're studying in a school with indos, thais, etc..., you also learn a few essential words in their language. therefore, i now know the f-word in cantonese [as well as a few other vulagarities], malay/ bahasa indonesian and thai. this adds to my list of already known ones: english, mandarin, hokkien, french, tagalog. as the thai guy in my drama class puts it: the first thing you learn in any language is hello, your name and eff you.

BUT, just in case my mum's reading this, i didn't ask to be taught that! the guys always said it so i asked what it meant! really! and so now i know. *innocent smile*

SEE, that's the good thing about living in a multi-national environment. you get to learn about other people's cultures. and to appreciate their language. by learning a few phrases. like, if you ever go to their countries, and you accidentally get into a car accident, at least you know that the driver is telling you to eff off. see how useful that is?

haha. ok. melissa, that was the largest load of crap i've ever heard.


she's not stupid.
yeah, she'll know its crap too
don't forget she's your mum.

oh right. yeah. ok. fine. MUM! this thing was not written by your daughter.
*there, better now?*

not bad. except its YOUR BLOG

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