01 June 2008

internet's back!

HAHA. i'm high! i have internet access! hurray.

so many thing have happened recently... my gosh

happy birthday meanne! enjoy yourself in bejing!

today, went shopping, got 2 tops for $15. as in total. so good right? haha. happy guilt free me! ate dinner at shin nie's place, her mum cooked. which was really very nice of her mum. treated us to gelato after that. : ) lunch was at melbourne central with kaii and cherm, food court.

i really enjoyed yesterday. if i could have a day like that once a month, i would be really very happy. it was saturday and i woke up late, so had lunch fairly late. at around 2, we decide to go QV to buy a printer. and wai hoe wants to get a coat from bourke street, and he asks daddy to go along. so its the 5 of us and we go to bourke street and go to myers basement to look. wai hoe finds nothing after a day of shopping while i find a jacket. yay. and we walk through this small lane filled with small restaurants. and all of us don't feel like eating albert house food so we all order a coffee/hot chocolate and we share a bowl of wedges and a cheesecake. it was really really nice to sit there and talk. dynamics are good i guess.

its officially winter! haha. yes, the first of June is the begining of winter. yay. i survived autumn. my first autumn in melbourne!

its the school holidays for singapore now. just to let you guys know your darling sister/cousin/ friend has a drama monolgue exam and a lit essay due soon.

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