13 June 2008

boredom and lack of internet

www.iamsoboredicouldeatahat.com does not exist. however, melissa.com does exist. its a data storage company i think. see how reliable i am??? yes, i was that bored to type in random stuff.

i have a psych lecture tomorrow, which is supposed to make up for the monday one. it sucks, lessons on a saturday...

internet's up now that its been down for 2 days, i think it was a main server thing cause even college square didn't have access... kaii nearly died without her internet. it made no difference to mummy. i was merely bored cause i read the news online as well as all sorts of nonsenses. even now, my internet's a bit screwy. i couldn't get a strong signal from my room so i went to daddy's room and got a signal for a while but then its got screwy again so now i'm in mummy's room.


i miss you guys at home! the 7jam, manda, melia, claire, cell etc...

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