06 June 2008

food. food. FOOD

yet another post within the last few hours.

there's a reason why: i'm trying to abstain from calling a certain friend who is back in singapore. cause its ex and late. i shall sms later, say i'm thinking of you but i can't call you. that should be enough right? i mean people do appreciate calls but i don't think this one would be appreciated, not at such a late hour and from an isomniac.

i was thinking about food again... and suddenly this conversation i had with suet a year ago came to mind: the guy who will win my heart through food is the guy that takes me to dim sum. then, i didn't understand. surely fish and chips, steak, foie gras, duck confit, french onion soup, lobster with linguine in white wine sauce, fresh oysters and all these[note: my favourite western foods these are] were better than dim sum which you could have any day?
and then i realised today,[i guess living away from home teaches you this] that it is really the food you grow up with, the fond memories you have with the food, the friends' conversations over recess food that is your favourite food. its comparable to guys. the guy that you admire and you think is perfect can be, in my case, the western food. nice have have once in a while, best lookswise, but after a while, you realise that there's nothing, no feeling. and then there's the salad guy, good, healthy [influence in the guy's case], also nice to have once in a while but it lacks substance, there's also nothing. and then you have THE ONE. which is like home food/hawker center food, may sometimes not be the best looking, not look the most appealing but it fills you. and there's the warmth of familarity.

needless to say, i miss singapore food. oh my gosh... the things i want to eat...!

oh my gosh i can sense it

yup. she's going to make a list. wanna bet?
yeah. i'll bet with you, not against you.
huh? then what's the point of betting?
so that we both win!

melissa's list of things she wants to eat when she goes back to singapore!

from mg:
red bowl noodles
chilli egg
satay beehoon

from pjc:
fish noodle soup

from home:
chicken curry and delifrance bread
dad's roast beef
egg and pork in black sauce
sotong in ink and line leaves and chili
you tiao with the fish paste inside
smabal kang kong[suprise! i eat veg!]
pepper soup

from hawker centers:
hokkien mee
chicken rice
egg with oyster[temporarily forgot the name...]
nasi lemak
tau huay
ondeh ondeh

actually the list goes on and on. i do have a things to eat before i die list... that one is really long... i hope my life is as long so as to finish eating everything on the list


Anonymous said...

hey you know the red bowl noodles?' now there is very little noodles as in with one scoop you'll be able to finish the whole bowl...and the price increased...

meliss said...

really?! oh my gosh... darn it. oh well, as long as the chilli's there, i'll be fine... thanks! who is this by the way?