03 January 2009

dec 08

personally, i don't see what's so great about this but: happy new year.

anyway, i've done the following during the holiday:[so far]

dec 08:[chronological order]
-watch season 1 of prison break
-meet up with kaii, cherm and kor for lunch
-see optometrist
-dinner with grandparents [hanabi has gotten worse. not worth $ now]
-renew passport at US embassy. [they are freakin paranoid and dumb. the bloody thing is a fortress with bulletproof glass and walls so damn thick, but they couldn't detect that my dad was carrying his handphone when he passed through the metal detector.]
-meet up with manda [seoul garden]
-look for my sister's outfit for uncle's wedding
-dinner + sleepover with auntie esther
-see everyone at church
-lunch with rachel + hunt for $20 dress [LOVE IT]
-met up with THE FOUR MUSKEETERS and watched manda carol & drew our wishes on balloons & sakae sushi buffet
-christmas dinner with cousins.[uber-unglam photos are on facebook. sigh]
-attended uncle barry's wedding[very nice wedding and isabella's dress was really nice]
the girls took alot of pictures and i guess it was nice to see all the extended family. we're all so big now. i mean, most of the cousins are taller than me and its nice i guess, to see that we still can talk so much even though i see them only once a year.
-see parent's friends
basically sleep, eat and use computer.

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