28 February 2008

leap years and more movies

yay yay. its a leap year this year! 29th feb is tomorrow... olympics coincide with leap years i think... singapore will hopefully get medal in the olympics this year?

school proper starts tomorrow, with lessons and stuffies. i have to start studying! i start all days at 9 and end monday at 12.30, thursdays at 3.15 and the other days at 5.15... poor me! amanda gets friday off. THE ENTIRE DAY! kaii and cherm's timetables are more relaxed than mine, with one less subject.

i already dislike 2 of my tutors... but they're just boring that's all.

movie update: i've watched house of wax and secret(!! yes, melissa who cannot stand half an hour of chinese managed to watch a movie that was in chinese... and liked it, i must admit)

i'm off to lala land!

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Rachel said...

hey! your nicest dearest cousin is here to tag.
omg, you sound like you're having a movie marathon there! i wanna watch juno! hopefully i'll get to watch it after my terms.
sounds like you're having fun there, though i must admit, your timetable sucks with days ending at 5plus.
how's psychology?? let me know! is the shopping there good? haha
alrights, i gotta go study for terms now. take care!
loves (: