30 March 2009

review on albert house

FOR ANYONE GOOGLING ALBERT HOUSE, HOMELINK, MELBOURNE: (to stay at) here's a point of view from someone who has stayed here a year:

its the people that make the place, not the building or the food. if you're an extremely picky eater or someone who must be surrounded in exquiste architecture, this is not the place for you. in fact, don't even bother considering any of the boarding places. Get your own apartment and cook your own meals.

however, if you are like the rest of us, albert house is totally fine. Sure you only have 700mbs to use each month for internet but you can go on the 1gig plan or buy some more/ kope from someone else. food is not spectacular but you won't be malnourished or anything. Uncle andrew will give you anything you ask for, within reason.

albert house will teach you

-tolerance [trust me, there's a lot of unreasonable people in this world]
-how to cook using only a microwave and a rice cooker
-how to hold your alcohol
-how to sew your own shirt button when it falls off [or you can ask someone else. NICELY]
-how to vaccum your room
-a lot of invaluable life lessons

looking back, i'm grateful for it. really blessed :D


Anonymous said...

hey i might be moving to albert house this year! and stumbled across this site when googling homelink. glad to hear the description of it, sounds good (:

Jia Yang said...

Uncle Andrew pay you to "promote" AH a?
Yahor, he is so so so so so so so so 'kiam siap' (stingy) to the max.
You know that day they wanted to go back AH to cut Evie's birthday cake, Uncle Andrew gave that "F off" look and his face black as justice Bao.
Anyway, take care.