24 March 2008

to rachel and amanda:

what do you think i am? some sort of cargo ship?

rachel: yes i will get you the issue of girlfriend... actually the interview with her is only 1 page long, i read it while waiting to pay for my groceries but the whole issue is pretty cool... and yeah i'll get you starburst, although it is available in singapore according to amanda, our cousin that is.

amanda[cousin]: i haven't see the straw anywhere at all... can i get something else for you? like a box of krispy kremes or something? actually wait. NO. i'm not willing to handcarry a box filled with sugar and flour... let me rephrase that. can you ask for something else that is sealed and contained and will pass through customs? like an i love melbourne shirt?

interesting requests from chermaine[mummy] and amanda[ah ma]: [to import from singapore]
"is it possible to bring hokkien mee? i mean if you put it in your luggage it should be fine right?"

"i miss muah chee! eh if you ask the shop owner to put the sticky stuff in one container and put the peanuts in another container it can survive right?"

"er. buy me 4 packs of foolscap"
"as in 4 books of foolscap?"
"NO. as in 4 packs. you know, the kind with 5 inside?"
"oh. yeah... then just buy me 2 packs then..."
"ten? why do you need so much?"
"oh yeah hor. i still got 5 in my room."

somehow i think if kaii and i listened to all their wishes, our luggage would be overweight, stopped at customs and altogether confiscated. however i think i can bring in hokkien mee... not sure though. it'll be rather disgustingly cold but i think with the good ole microwave, it should be fine...

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Amanda said...

Eeek! no i love melborne shirt i hate those and i wanna krispy kermes and if there is, lucky charms i can't find any in singapore although i remember buying one from here...hmmm

anyway, when are you coming back again? anyway, lets watch a movie!!! i don't wanna ice skating not really fond of it:)

Rachel said...

hey! yeah starburst is available in s'pore but it's mostly the gummy kind sold at candy empire i think.

thanks in advance! can't wait to see you (: