28 April 2008

promises and mothers

happy birthday andrea & amanda!
you're 15 now so please act like it yeah? anyway, enjoy sec 3, study hard and be good!

hmm. i'm thinking about all the promises i've made i can can safely tell you i'm mad. for example:

When i was 10, i promised myself i would become a chinese teacher and save the world from ting xie. i don't think MOE accepts people with a D7 in their o level chinese... anyway, i'm not fond of chinese.

When i was 12, i promised a complete stranger from church that i would one day become a sunday school teacher in exchange for him to buy a $10 funfair ticket. i remember manda took that promise for me but i've fufilled my promise. i saw the guy last year and i told him, he still remembered. odd that i remember his face cause i'm really forgetful. i guess when it comes to these kind of promises, you don't forget it.

i should stop making these weird promises.

today in psych, we learnt about a child's development inside the mother's womb. it reminded me of mrs cheong in bio, telling us about giving birth and the real experience of it, having gone through it herself, which made the entire bio class squeamish and tell each other, i'm adopting. but both mrs cheong and maureen said the same thing, "but in the end, the child is worth it". i guess mothers all over the world are the same. yeah. as far as i know, in albert house, most of the mothers call us about once in 2 weeks asking the same thing "how are you?" if you think about it, if we can answer the phone, we're not dying anytime soon, nor are we starving to death, we are also well rested enough not to be sleeping when parents call so all in all, we're really fine. but thanks for calling and asking anyway.

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