21 April 2008

family tree!

i've survived 1 week of school. its a nice thought, to keep me going...

xian chang has a new scandal! he likes jolene!

no that was not true but that was put in there to piss him off. they're arch enemies in eap. but at least they have something passionate going on! it can turn to love, ya know? xian?

hmmm. oh and this is my family tree! incomplete though

grace [great-grandmother]

amanda [ah-ma] wai hoe [ah kong]

chermaine [mummy] bill [daddy] xian chang [illegitimate uncle]

kaii [older sis] me![younger sis]

ah ma is forever threatening to disown us, and she and ah kong are forever cheating on each other but they both love each other, despite not admitting it and telling me and kaii to go and die if we ever tell her they love each other.

ah kong is pretty much the same, gives us a form of the middle finger if we do suggest that he loves ah ma, which is made by putting all the tips of your fingers together in a circle, fingers facing skywards, middle finger being in front.

daddy is our daddy despite him not wanting to be our daddy and always says shit you, i'm not your daddy or doing that middle finger thingy. but at night, he turns into cheri! his alter ego!

mummy really acts like our mummy, but she always tells us that we have no daddy. once i accidentally called her mummy in the supermarket rather loudly. a couple next to us looked at her like she was some alien

illegitimate uncle is that because it was a choice between that, the dog or eldest brother. but he does act like an illegitimate uncle because he pimps a fair bit and once came home at 2 am, absolutely sloshed, stopped by ah ma and mummy's room and mumbled i am so wasted or something to that effect, and had no memory of that happening the next day.

kaii is a bit more responsible than me, has a tidier room, does her work more frequently than i do, knows how to work her way around the laptop, thanks to the many dramas she so often downloads. older sister ya see? but on the other hand, she cannot cook, cannot wash dishes and you get the point.

so i have a severely dysfuntional family with grandparents trying to constantly cheat on each other[wai hoe is the ho. get it?], a daddy who claims that he isn't, a mummy who is a mummy and an older sister whom i can cook better than. i love them still!

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