06 May 2008

carpets and a first for me

melissa has completed the following:

-vacuuming of her room
-rearranging of her room
-the introduction of her accounts essay
-the drama series kaii lent her

all rounder i am no? haha. but vacuuming and rearranging the room was the most difficult cause i am quite a lazy person. i have so much more space in my room now! yay. all i have to do now is clear my desk and tadah. but i rarely use my desk even when its neat. i prefer the comfort of my bed.

i promise i will never get carpeting for my floor next time. i prefer to mop and sweep rather than to vacuum. carpet's good for luxury and keeping your feet warm but since i'm going to live in hot and sunny singapore and i'm a lazy person so i'll never make much money anyway, i probably will not have carpeting.

today was not good. i accidentally set my handphone alarm to 8pm instead of 8am last night and therefore, i woke up at 11 and had missed eap and pysch lecture. lesson learnt. i have never been absent from school my entire life without a super valid reason, and by that i don't mean sick or anything. i mean ballet exam or some external factor. i have never stayed home because i was sick or overslept or didn't feel like going to school, not even during pae when i knew i wasn't staying at pjc. oh well. there's a first for everything.

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