10 May 2008

a kor and mayo

yes, a new addition to the dysfuntional family. he is mine and kaii's older brother, same father and mother. its chen! kaii's already gotten into the habit of calling him kor. i think it'll be permanent.

i chose maths 1B . 1A is more for the mathsy courses like engineering and acturial studies while 1B is for commerce. i looked at the syllabus for 1B and i realised we had learned the basics for all the topics already.

the guys are so sick minded. and kaii's so innocent. she only found out last week what a [actual meaning behind 'milkshake'] was.

this convo took place over lunch today in the dining room.
bill: do we have anymore of our mayo? i think its in this fridge. *pulls out a large jar of mayo*
law: i wrote that! *there's the word sex on the jar of mayo*
bill: you're sick
law: what?! who would want to take a jar of white sticky stuff that's labelled sex? exactly!
bill: if i ever see the level of the mayo going up, i'm not touching it anymore.

by this time, most of us have gotten the innuendo and are all grossed out. dear innocent kaii is asking around what's so wrong with that? i refuse to pollute her mind. however, daddy has decided to be an 'educator' and teach her real life stuff. she kind of figures it out in her own and asks 'OH. is it starting with 's'?' and stupid bill [what kind of a daddy is he?!] goes 'sex also starts with 's' what.'

ah yes. there you have it. they can turn perfectly innocent foods such as mayo into a product of the male body. SIGH. i'm living among such immature people. then again, ain't i immature too? heh.

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