03 May 2008


ahahaha. i'm laughing cause i've got nothing else to. actually, i have too much too do. like hoi and accounting essay. what are you supposed to write for an accounting essay?? oh and this is the question: compare the difference between the cash receipts and the accrual accounting method. and you're supposed to write 750 words on that. don't ask me how i'm going to do that. WHY DIDN'T I STAY IN SINGAPORE??? ARGH. GARH. oh well. no one to blame but myself. and my lousy L1R5 which wouldn't have gotten me into ac.

as for hoi, we were given a choice of:
describe the factors which contribute to the success of the athenian society
was tiberius gracchus a friend or an enemy of freedom?

i chose the latter. the worse bit is, for research, you're not allowed to use the internet. so, i have to trudge to the library. high ho high ho, its off to work we go todotodottoodleroototo. again, i wish i stayed in jc and do gp instead of tooting hoi. help help.


help needed. looking for a cheerful essay writer with lots of brains who is familiar with the ancient civilisation of rome, specialising in tiberius gracchus. writer may be in any country so long as the essay can get to me. deadline for eassy is 30th may and length required is 1200 words. must include citations and references in essay. writer should preferably be able to write an accounting essay on methods of accounting. pay is 10 bars of cadbury chocolate/ 5 bars godiva chocolate, negotiable. email iamsostuckformyessays@hotmail.com for equiries.

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