31 May 2009

short messages

ah. i refuse to unpack

reminds me of a quote:'i wish my homework was asexual. so it'll do itself '

sadly me clothes ain't so open. they're decidedly stubborn and refuse to fold itself nicely into the cupboard.


thank you everyone in singapore who met up with me!

short messages:
+melia: milly! it was really good to see you and your smile! thanks for going along with all my crazy ideas. WE WILL EAT DOWN HOLLAND V.!
+amanda ang: don't be so blur can? i'm convinced one day you really will walk into a pole. anyway, don't be so stressed over homework and life ok?
+claire: claireaireywaireyfairy-when are you actually going to volutarily hug me?! on my deathbed is it? must i go and die first before you'll think of it? sigh. oh well. i'll complain to you on msn and then you can rant to me about h3 music...
+jiaen: don't get so tan and stop reminding me in every sms/letter to stay off drugs, alcohol and sex. thanks for sitting with me at holland v and just chatting. :)
+staaacey: stace! spastic as ever. i have nothing else to say to you cause it'll come out lame. apparently, that's the only language you speak in-lameness
+shri: STUDY! please for the love of god, study for your a levels and let me know your sat results soon ok? but first and foremost, study, study and study!!!
+kityeng: yay! glad i saw you and thanks ever so much for the photo you gave me, the bible verses you wrote on the back give me a lot of unexpected strength when i need it :)
+dejin: HAHA. all i have to say is you really love your og a lot huh? thanks for the meeting up and all the best!
+grace(bimbo): love you! and keep me updated on your life k? haha. all the best for your As and i'll see you soon enough.:)
+anne: yes, we shall consciously change together, and we really must get the catholic, the presbyterian and the methodist all together! it never fails to amaze me that we're good friends considering you used to confiscate my story books during chinese. bleh. haha. :)
+7jamers: thanks for meeting up! love you guys and i really cannot thank all of you enough for the scrapbook you guys gave me with all those messages inside. i look at it a lot and it really keeps me going and i always laugh at the photos! cousins forever! p.s. watchie: i love the bag!! :D
+grandauntie mary: you won't read this but still, thank you so so much for the dresses! :D i still think you should have a granddaughter/daughter to dress up
+lesley.sia: woman! haha. you're terrible at breakfast. i think i'll see you next time at lunch or something. glad to know you've gotten over your horror of fbts.
+sean.gwee: AHAHA. see lah. too late dear. all i can do is bang my head against a pole until it bleeds then maybe as my deathwish i'll ask for the wedding then maybe you'll come to your senses. but oh well. say hi to chrystal for me.
+lydia.squeak: sigh. why do i have to find out through FACEBOOK that lydia low and christopher tang are in a relationship(9 comments)??? anyway, as long as you're happy and yup :)
+whoever i missed out: i love you guys and all the best for uni/alevels [delete accordingly] and always remember i'm like an email away! :D

i love singapore. what the fcuk am i doing in australia?

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